I handle a lot of the market research for our Agri division!

Victor | Strategic Business Officer Market Analyst | Business Intelligence

My name is Victor, and I am a Strategic Business Officer in the BI Department. I am originally from Brazil, but I grew up moving around the world which gives me a pretty international background. Koppert originally hired me as a Marketing Trainee straight out of university. I left to do a masters but came back.

A great two-way conversation
The great thing about a family company is the added responsibility you get. Day to day, I handle a lot of the market research for the Agri division and I work closely with strategic decision-makers to figure out the questions we need to be asking. That means I can bring things I am seeing to them, or the reverse, it is a great two-way conversation. Once we figure out what we want to investigate, I come up with a plan to find and analyze the information, either on my own or in coordination with an external agency. Then I get to report that back to the executives to advise critical decisions about the future of the company.

On top of this, I’m also part of a team dedicated to improving our own work and the work of those around us, and there are lots of opportunities to find analysis tools, or build a coalition of stakeholders interested in a particular topic.

Identifying threats and opportunities for the company
The Business Intelligence Department handles three main topics. Firstly, we characterize both existing and potential markets and their participants. Secondly, we measure Koppert’s performance in those markets, and finally, we identify threats and opportunities for the company. As a small department of three, we must often find ways to work through others by building international systems with our sales and business development colleagues. Our advantage is that we are less operationally involved in the day to day running of the company, so we can focus on the medium and the long term, leaving our colleagues free to focus on the now. 

Making an international impact
Koppert is a company that is growing, both in terms of sales as well as ambition. This creates a lot of opportunities to take on responsibility and to make an international impact.

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