My passion for numbers and biology combine well at Koppert

Olga | Scientist Data Analist | R&D Micriobiologie (Agronomical Development NL)

I am Olga and I work as a Scientist and Data Analyst for the Agronomical Development NL group of the Business Unit Microbiology. My educational background matches well with the work at Koppert. Before joining Koppert, I worked as a researcher at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology and Wageningen University for over 10 years. During this time, I worked on different research projects, including my PhD research, focusing on Microbe-Plant-Insect interactions and Biological Control. Besides biology, I have always been interested in mathematics and statistics. I love to work with numbers, especially to translate a bunch of uninformative numbers into valuable information, and I am extremely happy that I can combine this passion for numbers with my background in biology in my current position at Koppert.

I really like the dynamics of my job!
My job is versatile, with plenty of room for creativity and challenges. The core of my job is to boost the scientific development of the group. For this, I team up closely with the lead of the team. An experiment based on a good statistical practice is essential to get reliable data that can be translated into the useful knowledge. Additionally, it helps to reduce the cost of product development. The challenge here is to use the available resources as effectively as possible while ensuring the good scientific practice. Further, I also conduct the analysis of data generated by my colleagues, not only form Agronomical Development NL but also worldwide. I go through piles of data to answer key questions about the efficacy of our microbial solutions. This information is further used by my colleagues across the board, for example, to design commercial flyers advertising our products (Marketing & Sales), or to support the registration process (Regulatory Affairs). This gives me a lot of fulfillment. I also really like the dynamics in my job - today you design an experiment, tomorrow it is translated into a practical application. Another aspect of my job that gives me lots of energy is sharing my knowledge with others. It is extremely interesting to be involved in different projects, to share knowledge and to learn from colleagues at different departments within Koppert NL, but also internationally.

Fun to work with everybody
Within Agronomical Development we work closely with colleagues from Koppert Spain, US, France, and many other countries. As well as with colleagues along the pipeline within Koppert NL, such as regulatory affairs, production, sales, marketing, research and others. I think this is very common practice within Koppert to work together with diverse experts to continually improve and innovate. In my department I work with everybody. This is another fun part of my function. Finally, what makes my department special are my colleagues - enthusiastic young and senior researchers that challenge you, inspire you, and are not afraid to speak their mind.


Making a difference
I would recommend Koppert as an employer because of the good working conditions, a pleasant work-life balance, the possibility of personal development, the opportunity to innovate and to make a difference. Specifically, I would like to highlight two points. First, is the feeling of being part of a big family. From my first day here, and throughout the challenging lockdown time, I have felt valued as a person and as an employee. It expresses itself in different initiatives for personal development, but also in little everyday things, such as receiving a bouquet of flowers at home to cheer you up in the lockdown time, a healthy and affordable food in the canteen - I love our canteen - great ARBO service to ensure your working conditions are healthy and so on. Second, is also the reason why I opted for Koppert and what is very important for me personally, is doing meaningful work – the work that contributes a tiny bit to making the world greener and healthier every day.

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