Koppert is also attractive for international students!

Laura | Intern | R&D Macrobiology

My name is Laura, I am German and now I’m in the last year of my Master’s in Plant Science at Wageningen University and Research. Prior to this I did my Bachelor’s in Agriculture at the University of Bonn, in Germany.

What does your internship look like?
I work here with Chrysoperla carnea, a biological control agent that is used frequently in greenhouses to take care of insect pests. During my time here, I investigate different possibilities for increasing the efficiency of the product C. carnea in strawberries.

How did you arrange this internship?
Several months ago, I looked at the Koppert Career site to search for an internship. However, at that time I could not find any vacancies that fitted my interests and educational background. So, I decided to send an unsolicited application.

How does this internship contribute to your future career?
This internship gives me the possibility to apply the knowledge that I have acquired over the last few years and gain practical experience in a company. Furthermore, whilst studying at Wageningen has improved my English I am now able to further improve my Dutch, which opens more opportunities for my future career. After finishing my studies, I would like to work in a field related to plant protection and/or biodiversity in an agricultural landscape.  

Would you recommend Koppert as an internship company?
If you like applied research, I would recommend an internship at Koppert. Internship projects are often part of bigger internal projects and you can contribute to decision making by delivering your results. At the same time, you are working independently, and it is expected of you to contribute by means of your own ideas and knowledge. Speaking Dutch is an advantage, but everyone here speaks English, which makes it attractive for international students as well. Additionally, the work atmosphere is good, and students have their own laboratory and workspace!

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