This is the biocontrol moment!

Ana | RA Specialist | Regulatory Affairs

My name is Ana and I am from Brazil, where I studied Agronomy and a master’s in biotechnology. Then I moved to Copenhagen to do a PhD in Entomology. After that, I worked in two agrochemical companies, but since September 2018 I now work at Koppert as Regulatory Affairs Specialist.

I left the chemical industry to join Koppert
In my role I am responsible for biopesticides, especially the ones developed with microorganisms, on a global level. I am also looking into the effects of our products on the environment and non-target species. I find it great that I work for one of the main players in the biocontrol industry. This was also one of the reasons why I decided to leave the chemical industry to join Koppert. This is the biocontrol moment! For me it is also very exciting that I put into practice the knowledge I acquired in my studying years, for example, in my bachelor, back in Brazil, I tested one of the Brazilian Koppert products and during my PhD I wrote my thesis about some beneficial insects Koppert commercializes and how they were affected by a microorganism which I am now responsible for.

We have the full picture
The Regulatory Affairs Department covers regulatory, legal and public affairs. And we work internationally since our work is performed on a global level. We have the full picture.

My main contact points are my manager and my colleagues from Support, but the whole team interacts together since the exchange of knowledge and experience is very important. We also have regulatory colleagues at other Koppert locations, which I also have a lot of contact with.

Outside my own department I mainly collaborate with R&D and with Marketing. Besides being a team of very nice people, we play a strategical role for promising ideas that we might launch on the market.

Now that I am here, I know I have made the right choice
I find the company culture one of the main reasons to recommend Koppert. Most colleagues are very accessible, the company has a flat structure. It is pleasant to come to work. I also love that the company is very innovative, and sustainability driven which makes the work very exciting, challenging but also meaningful. I see myself growing and building my career further here. Koppert was my “to go” company and now that I am here, I know I have made the right choice.

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